I tried not to name names but fuck you Arlene Lagos

butterflies wake

I posted about this author awhile ago on another site, and didn’t name any names because I was mostly just frustrated. But let me give you a timeline of this spammer named Arlene Lagos.

1 year ago: Approximately a year ago, this author data mined a group I was in. The intention of the group was to get ARCs to bloggers for guaranteed reviews (not guaranteed to be positive). In order to get the ARC, you provided your email on the thread and the ARC was sent to you. She wasn’t a part of the group, but took a bunch of email addresses from the group and used them to spam me and others. I blocked her on GR and stopped participating in the group when the moderators refused to make it private to protect that information.

After I reported her to GR about using my email that she got from the site and put in a status update about it, she PMd me to say she really wasn’t spamming but sorry if I thought she was. She was new to this and had no idea that was not acceptable. Yeah, right.

Past few months: Recently this author has been spamming me on Twitter. Mentioning me (and others) Twitter handle individually in tweet promotion about her stupid book. This happened repeatedly. So I blocked her and reported her for spamming. Apparently Twitter doesn’t think this is spamming, I don’t agree. https://twitter.com/ArleneLagos

Today: I get home and what do I find? Another fucking email from this fucking woman to spam me with her new fucking book.


Leave me the fuck alone you lunatic woman! I am never, ever, ever going to read your books. You are a spammer and a really stupid one at that if you keep coming back to me no matter how much shit you get for it.

Some People Shouldn’t Use Twitter

It’s true, there are some people that would be better off just deleting their social media for good and shutting their mouth to everyone except their mother/wife/sister/uncle/cousin/grandfather/long lost twin. That should most particularly apply to people who have something to lose, like a reputation. Social media can be a great thing in the literary world. It can bring readers and authors closer, to the point of becoming friends and allies in the book wastelands. But it can also be a disaster. More than once I have followed someone I admired and loved on Twitter and then immediately thought “God, what a jackass!” and I just couldn’t enjoy their work as much anymore. Sometimes a little bit of mystery and distance is necessary for the author/reader relationship to be amicable.

So, with that, John Green…pack your shit and get the fuck out of social media!

Don’t like the book you just read, don’t worry you’re just reading it wrong! The book doesn’t owe you anything so you should be more generous!  At least, John Green says so. And since he is the infinite authority on reading, well let’s all just bow down and worship at the altar of His Holy Assness.

And unfortunately, he has a history of this kind of thing.  See here, again with the “read generously.”  Hey John Green, I got an idea. How about I read and review however the fuck I want and you and all your author friends put your big girl panties on and deal with it like a grown up.

I haven’t read Allegiant yet, but I plan to. In fact, I informed my husband that we ARE going to the bookstore this weekend for me to pick it up…it was not a request. I loved Divergent, I was a bit more lukewarm on Insurgent. I have yet to decide what I think of Allegiant but I am hoping for the best. I desperately want this series to end well, not necessarily happily ever after but an ending that makes sense to me.  And please, dear Goddess, don’t do another Mockingjay ending! I can’t survive another one of those catastrophes.

So John Green, enjoy my pedestrian opinion and please generously consider taking your opinions and placing them in your anus. Oh and before I forget, interrupting your ever so genius tweet with “they’re just, like, wrong!” makes you sound like a 13-year old girl and automatically discredits anything you say after that.