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Thoughts: This has been really good. I got an ARC of this and have read over 200 pages in about 24 hours, that’s how much I’m enjoying it. Even though I haven’t read the first one, that turned out to not be a problem. I’m hoping to finish this up tonight







50185600._SX318_SY475_Progress: 18% finished with audiobook

Thoughts: At first I was very confused by this book and the way it is told. But I think I am getting into the rhythm of it now. It is voiced by the author and I find his narration very soothing, with a gorgeous accent. The people who run the Calm app should hire him to do some sleep stories, his voice is amazing.







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Thoughts: I hesitated before jumping into the Witcher books. I have never played the game but I loved the Netflix series. I have watched it three times so far. So I didn’t want to start the series only to find that I liked the show better. But, I didn’t need to fear because this is excellent. These short stories are wonderful and add so much depth to the Witcher character. I like it so much I bought the entire series.