Ever feel like your beating a dead horse….

Welcome to my world!  I accepted long ago that there are patterns to the Universe, that good things come in groups and bad things come in groups.  But I tell you, sometimes I sit here and wonder how I get myself into these situations.  I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but in both my personal and private life all I can do is seemingly the same crap over and over.  At some point I will have to stick a wrench into things and do something different, or else I’m just living up to the definition of insanity.

Not much is going on with my writing, I’m too stressed and overwhelmed with personal stuff to really get anything useful from it.  I am making significant progress both on the rewrite of Schooling of a Monster, and the new piece I’m working on, Humanity.  I have 2 weeks off of work coming up that I will be having a lot of unexpected free time so I can work a lot then.  Let’s just say that I was planning some major life changes for those two weeks until it all went screaming to hell faster than I could blink, and now I intend to vegetate and recuperate in that time.  I will keep you updated on everything of course.

On a happier note I have almost finished the new Dan Brown book, The Lost Symbol.  I must admit that I was mildly annoyed with Mr. Brown at one point but that faded quickly since the twist that I normally don’t like turned out to be very important and integral to the plot.  I am back on board and the second major plot twist left me with my mouth hanging open in shock.  Definitely a great book for those that are a fan of Brown’s work, but if you’re expecting The Da Vinci Code 2.0 then you might be a bit disappointed. 

Also, if any of you have never seen the HBO series Big Love, I highly recommend it.  I was interested initially because I was raised Mormon, so polygamy is not an unfamiliar thing to me and I wanted to see how close to the mark they got.  The series is spectacular, and so close to reality it was a big eerie for me.  I have nearly finished season one in a little over a week and plan on getting season 2 and 3 as soon as I have the funds.  Have a great Thursday, the Supernatural dry spell of reruns is nearly finish, yay!!