Unexpected break and back to the grind

I didn’t intend to take a week off the blog, but life sometimes decides to throw a bomb in the middle of our worlds and laugh at the chaos. That is what happened to me this week.

My daughter got to start in-person kindergarten. So we had a whole new adventure of figuring out drop off/pick up and working with her to wear her mask and be familiar with the other rules. Since she’s never been in preschool or anything similar to school, this was a task.

Then we celebrated my birthday at the same time, so spent some time as a family going to the zoo and having a date with the husband.

And then all of a sudden it’s a week later! I will be getting back to the grind on Thursday though, with the review of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars as promised in the last new releases post.


3 thoughts on “Unexpected break and back to the grind

    1. Yes, family is always top priority. It’s just all those little things that she needs to adjust to that I didn’t think about before they occurred. Her struggle with using her brain all day and then coming home with homework. Going from being with mom or dad all day and then being gone for most of the day. Being nervous about using the potty because if she needs help there’s no mom or dad there to help. She’ll adjust with some time, attention and lots of conversations about how it’s going.

      1. The world is more complicated every day, but we still have about the same amount of time to prepare our kids to become self-supporting, self-defining adults. Scary!

        Cut yourselves lots of slack. Do every fun thing you can. Make memories.

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