The Nightmare of Virtual Schooling

I’ll probably be taking a few days off from the blog because we just started virtual school for our kindergartner. I know, it sounds crazy. And it is. It is hard enough for a kinder teacher to keep the attention of seventeen 5-year olds in a classroom.

Then add in tech problems that mean people are popping in and then out all day. Us included because we couldn’t get back into class for almost an hour at one point. Then add in that half the time Zoom was freezing up and not allowing the teacher to hear or see most of the class. It was just a disaster. They ended up wrapping up two hours early because everyone was frustrated from the teacher to the parents to the students.

Sigh. I am so over this covid nonsense. Can I just prove my child already had it and send her to school please? This Zoom business is a nightmare.

Anyway, that was basically a full time job today and I am exhausted. So taking a few days off to concentrate on my child’s “education.”


3 thoughts on “The Nightmare of Virtual Schooling

  1. Do you have to do it their way? That’s harder than homeschooling for Kindergarten – because you’re never quite in sync.

    I did manage two from pre-K through high school senior, and the third from K ditto, so ask for help if you get stuck. I can’t imagine doing it with someone else setting the curriculum and supervising from afar.

    1. Yes, we have to do it this way. The school district couldn’t delay the start of the year anymore and the district didn’t allow in-person schooling to begin.

      So for now, we have to do virtual. Kindergartners have the attention span of a flea, getting them to sit in a chair and concentrate on a computer for 6 hours is just impossible. But the teacher is doing her best and hopefully it will end soon.

      1. Sorry, but it will NOT end soon. There is no vaccine, no treatment, no cure.

        This sounds extremely inefficient, but if you have to do it their way, you have to. Best of luck. If you get too frustrated, you can explore other options.

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