Scouring the ‘ole TBR list

My TBR (to be read) list on Goodreads has skyrocketed out of control. I believe it is past the point of being so long I could never read every book on it in my lifetime. Recently, I decided to scour the list and remove some books that I am just not interested in anymore, or that might be unavailable after all this time. And I also have decided to set myself a challenge. I want to read at least 5 books this year that are the absolute oldest on mt TBR list. Which brings me to my list of oldest books I want to read (apparently when I first started on Goodreads I was on a classics kick). All of these books were added to my TBR in June of 2011:






I know I can’t be the only one with an absurdly long TBR list. What’s the oldest book on your list?


5 thoughts on “Scouring the ‘ole TBR list

  1. Am I on your list? Can’t remember.

    I don’t have a TBR list at all – when I have spare energy (with a chronic disease that’s rare), it goes straight into the middle book of the trilogy I’m working on. If I take time and energy to read a book, I tend to get dragged in, and lose days recovering.

    Sad, because I read SO much earlier in my life. But if I ever expect to finish this trilogy, preferably before the coronavirus gets all seniors, I have to stay as focused as the damaged brain will let me be. Writing is so much more intense and rewarding than reading for me. I HAVE to get ‘the book you want to read but can’t find’ finished, so I CAN read it.

    Good luck with your TBR piles.

    1. That does sound very challenging. What trilogy are you working on?

      And yes you are on my TBR, though not on the one began in 2011. I have a general TBR for books that I just want to read. The another TBR for books that I have agreed to read for either the author directly or a service like NetGalley or Edelweiss. That is a much shorter list lol.

      1. Still the Pride’s Children trilogy. PURGATORY is published (Amazon, ebook and print); NETHERWORLD is coming along very well, now that the move is over AND we’re locked down; Book 3 exists complete in a VERY rough draft. It is a single story, with each book reaching a good end. It will be roughly as long as GWTW when completed.

        I’m a very slow writer, and it’s a very complex, connected story.

        How do you like reading for NetGalley?

      2. I really enjoy it though I’m learning to be more selective about the publishers I request on their. They have a lot of small, independent publishers that are mostly pay to print and the quality tends to be low. I prefer the format of Netgalley over Edelweiss because they let me track when things are expiring so I don’t miss out on reading it because I lost track of time. Which I have the tendency to do.

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