Progress Updates: Day Zero and Recursion


On page 230 of 329.

All of a sudden I feel like someone whacked me over the head and dropped me into the movie Inception. There are 10,000 things happening at once. And they are also un-happening all at once. And then different things are happening but also un-happening. My head hurts. I am hoping he can bring this tugboat to port but I am completely lost right now.



On page 201 of 302 pages.

This one has been an interesting ride. It’s been full of action but I don’t particularly like the main character. One of the big reveals was not that surprising to me, I called it early on. Jinx makes some really awful decisions. The entire book seems to be along the premise of “always have a plan so that when disaster strikes you are prepared” and then Jinx acknowledges that she should follow the plan, but then decides not to.