Face, please meet palm

I am just kicking myself for yet again neglecting this blog.  It’s not acceptable really.  In my defense however, that overtime I was talking about this time last year…yeah it hasn’t stopped yet. Basically for the last year I’ve been working 10 hours a day, with 2 hour commute each way, plus Saturdays.  It has killed me and I have hardly had the energy to wake up and get out of bed, let alone do anything else!  However, I am trying a new tactic.  In addition to making this my update spot for me as a writer, I am making it my update spot for me as a reader.  In the last year I’ve reviewed over 115 books on other sites…but not here!  It’s ludicrous, so I am changing that today. Well not today because I have no review to post today, but soon.

And as a disclaimer: Most of the books I review are ones I have purchased with my own money or gotten from my library, however sometimes I accept print copies or digital copies from authors and publishers to read and review.  I am in no way compensated for these reviews (except the free copy of the book), and I am not obligated to provide a positive review or indeed any review at all.  All reviews are my own honest feelings and responses to the books I read, and when I received a copy from the publisher or author I will be sure to note it.