Business Trips

Like I promised, I am here way sooner than my usual gap between posts.  It’s been a busy week but I wrote a bit on Helium and wanted to keep everyone updated.  The day job has been exhausting and really limited the amount of writing I can do because I’m just do tired.  But on the plus side they are sending me to North Carolina for a business trip to train our team out there the week of the 12th.  That is going to be really fun, I have never been on a business trip before.  I am a bit nervous but mostly excited.

I’m also considering writing more fan fiction, probably for Supernatural.  I remember that I started a story on a Fan Fiction website back during the summer break between seasons 4 and 5 but never got around to finishing it.  And now after the finale of season 6 my mind is racing with all the possible theories and possibilities for season 7.  I won’t share my ideas here in full, but let’s just say I think I figured out who God is and it’s not Prophet Chuck.  I might just write that new fan fiction after all because I just love this idea I thought of.

I do have a few new articles on Helium but I cannot post links yet.  The purchase deadline isn’t passed yet so they are not available on the website yet.  I’ll make another post this weekend when the links are available.

Happy Friday!