Same old, same old…

It’s been quite awhile since I actually had the time or inclination to post on here.  It’s strange but I seem to completely forget I have this place until I look at my history and think, oh yeah I do have that blog I should really update it.  I have basically been working myself into oblivion lately.  The day job has been pushing me ever further into a nervous breakdown with constant overtime and hundreds of new expectations every day.  But until the writing can pay the bills, we have to do what we have to do right?

I have been considering something as far as my novels go, publishing it myself as an ebook.  Ebooks are exploding in popularity as the paper book market continues to shrink by the month.  But publishing yourself as an ebook takes out the publishing game that is almost impossible to win and gains you an audience without investing thousands of dollars like typical self-publishing schemes.  I have not decided on this yet, but just know that it is in my mind and being considered.  If that would be something you’d be interested in me doing, let me know cause I want to know if there’s an interest out there for me to go that route. 

I also have decided to invest more time in my freelance writing on Helium.  So I will post some updated links here, please give them a click cause it helps me make money and you may just discover something interesting too.

Ever wonder what the most common STDs are in women?  Find out here.

Learn the best ways to grow oregano, dill, and peas for all levels of gardening skill.

Should Happy Meals be blamed for rising obesity levels in children?  Find out what I think, with just a little bit of added sarcasm.

And the newest edition, discover some of the most rare breeds of cat in the world!

I hope you enjoy the latest batch of my freelance work, and I promise to update these links more often now that I am writing more.


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