And so it begins

Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
All Souls’ Day

Thus we see the official first day of Nano come to an end.  I managed to stay up until midnight and wrote 650 stunningly awful words before I fell asleep at my laptop.  I also sent off my first nanomail to my nano-ites.  I think it went extraordinarily well actually, and I hope to be as good as mentor to them as the one I had last year.

I had a fairly good day for writing, except for losing power for half of it.  It rained horrendously all day.  Imagine buckets of water pouring from the sky and that’s about what my house looked like today.  We always lose power in weather like that as I live in a very old building.  I managed to bust out a total of 2,185 words for the day which is not as good as I hoped, but not nearly as bad as I feared.

My plot seems to be starting out nicely, although I was surprised at what came out in my writing first.  I never imagined the beginning of the story being this way, but I think I like it.  It introduces my main character, Gisele Porter, and gives us enough of her circumstances and background to intrigue, without giving anything away.  We also briefly meet the character that will turn everything around for Gisele.  I won’t say anything more right now, I don’t want to give too much of my plot away, but I was surprised by how well this first chapter turned out.  I just hope I can maintain this pace once I get back to work on Monday.  I remember last year being very frustrated that I could write like crazy all weekend then was struggling for words during the week because I was so tired.

Anyway, I had better run along to bed or I’ll be too tired to do anything tomorrow.  ~Stef