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Sweet, sweet victory!  I have finally accomplished the writing portion of the Helium Reward-A-Thon requirement.  I have that writing star.  Ironically enough I earned the star when I published a poem that I wrote for my boyfriend a few months ago.  I figured that I was proud enough of it to publish it and dedicate it to him that way.  I could not be more excited, I am still a bit below the requirement for rating but that will be solved in another day or two.  Then I need to start writing on those eligible topics like mad for the next month and a half to earn the bonuses.  I am very excited as I have never been eligible for something like this on the site before. 

I also have been working on my assignment for my class.  And once again this priority has put my novel editing on the back burner.  I’ve gotten a bit more editing done, but not much.  My assignment and the added distraction of Pogo (yes I am a long time Pogo addict) have been keeping the novel far away from my grasp.  But I am hoping to remedy that this weekend hopefully.  I really want to get it done before November when Nano starts up again.  And I know that I will probably procrastinate it until the middle of October, then freak out and edit like mad until November 1st.  It is my pattern and I am used to it by now.

Now, on to links.  I have written a few more articles in the last handful of days, and I’d love to have you read them and let me know what you think. 

Temperament of the Blacktip Shark:

Poem titled Invisibility:

Poem titled Words: (this is the one written for my boyfriend, love you babe)

Well, i think that’s about it for now.  I better wrap this up as I can’t justify procrastinating my day job much more today to write this.  ~Stef