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Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde

Even though the waning moon has made starting anything new a bit tougher, I manage to push through over the last few days and busted out several new articles on Helium.  I’ll link you to them in a bit.  I was ever so pleased to find that the article I wrote regarding the pentacle was ranking second out of nine articles within a handful of hours!  That is fantastic, and I hardly expected it.  I am nearly at the minimum requirement for the writing portion of the Summer Reward-A-Thon.    At least 75% percent of my articles needs to be ranked in the top quarter, and so far I’m running at 66%.  But I have no doubt that will be up in no time…and then I just need to rate, rate, rate and I will be in the running.  Which is great as I haven’t been eligible for any of their competitions before.

I also just started writing for a new e-federation.  The old show was merged with this new one.  It will be interesting as the characters I have to work with are not the best.  But with a little creativity I think I can manage, and I have an excellent co-writer which always helps.  Another bonus is I am writing for my boyfriend, Steve.  He and I work well in every other aspect and have similar views and opinions regarding the fed, so I have no doubt we will be a great team on this as well.  I also have added yet another idea to the every-growing list of ideas for fanfics.  I know, I know, the list is extraordinarily long and will probably never get done.  But it is my goal to have all these ideas on paper someday. 

And yet one more shock as I log onto Helium to get you these links.  My short story on there (The Muse) is now ranked at 18 out of 219.  I am stunned and flattered.  Anyway, on to links for my newest articles:

Books Review: Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton http://www.helium.com/items/1128922-laurell-k-hamilton-booke-review-blood-noir-anita-blake

Common misconceptions surrounding the pentacle.  http://www.helium.com/items/1129266-paganism-pentacle-satanism-inverted-pentacle

Testomonies: Why I am Pagan.  http://www.helium.com/items/1129031-paganism-pagan-egyptian-paganism

I hope that gives you something to keep you occupied until next time.  Enjoy!  ~Stef


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