And they say the bees are busy….

Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde

The above stats will be a regular addition to all my blogs.  As my spirituality is important to me, and a lot of how I feel and work is based on the moon cycle or the planet retrogrades, it only makes sense to include it.  But today it is especially fitting as it perfectly explains why I am having such a hard time professionally and personally.  I never get anything done and generally get a bit down during the waning moon.  And with Pluto in retrograde, it tends to cause friction anyway.  On the plus side Neptune being also retrograde increases intuition and interest in one’s hobbies and goals.  This is only slightly offset by Jupiter, where the main goal is to focus on one’s self instead of the outside world.

But enough of the pagan speech, onward and upward to the real purpose of this blog, the writing.  Its been so incredibly busy, yet I just can’t seem to get myself moving on anything.  I am struggling desperately on the Reward-a-Thon for Helium, I have yet to come close to achieving the requirements.  I have until September 22 however and I am confident I can get things in order by then.   On a fantastic note there, the short story I published on Helium (The Muse) is current ranked at 36 of 215 stories.  Which is fantastic.  You can read it here if you should feel so inclined:

I am also still writing the wrestling e-federation.  Which I do truly enjoy, no matter how much time it takes.  I’m posting yet another show this evening, and I have a feeling the fireworks will go off.  There is a HUGE twist at the end that absolutely no one will see coming.  I cannot wait to see the reactions I get when people figure out the implications of that twist, it will be fantastic.

I have been putting off the editing of my novel this week as I’ve had a rather confusing and serious personal problem I’ve been trying to work out.  Huge apologies to my beta, Justin, as he has been left hanging with nothing new to read for almost a week now.  I will get back on it soon, as soon as I am not physically exhausting by thinking about this personal situation.  But it definitely has to be done before November, as I am planning on participating in NaNo again this year.  And writing a 50,000 word novel in a month really can’t be interrupted by other writing commitments.

So that really about wraps up everything I have been up to the past week.  I will try to be on here more as well.  Until next time, stay happy and don’t let your inner editor get the better of you.  ~Stef


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